645610 Memory and Narrative: Spring School: The Debt Complex

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Memory and Narrative: Spring School: The Debt Complex
SE 2
every 2nd year

Extensive interdisciplinary overview and in-depth discussions of debt research as a social issue.

Financial debts as part of a moral economy has gained much attention from media news feeds to academic debate in the last years. Recently, the discussion between Greece and Germany about a debt cut has been moralised by reminding the Germans of reparation payments for Nazi atrocities. Debts represent an economy of obligation (C. Muldrew). But: are we always obliged to pay back our debts or is there room for other logics (D. Graeber)?  In our spring school “The Debts Complex”, we want to explore particularly the philosophical and anthropological side of indebtedness and culpability by focusing on the genealogy of debts as a discursive product of society. How are economy and morality intertwined? In which ways do gouvernemental mechanisms of debts produce the inner industry of the indebted self (M. Lazzarato)? How is the relationship between debts, reciprocity and trust constructed, shifted and reassembled in political theory (B. Liebsch, E. Stimilli), neoliberal (national) politics, social work and everyday economics? Faculties involved include Economics and Management, Education, History/European Ethnology and Philosophy.

Lectures, discussions, group work and short student presentations.

Active participation, written coursework.

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The spring school will take place from 19th to 21st May 2016 at the Free University of Bozen and in cooperation with colleagues from Bozen and other universities. It is funded by the Euregio Mobility Fund which means that we can support travels and accommodation.

19. - 21. Mai. 2016, Free University Bozen
Vorbesprechung 18.04.16, 15:00 Uhr, Besptechungsraum EE, Geiwi Turm 7.Stock