704099 Key experiments in quantum optics

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Key experiments in quantum optics
SV 2
every 2nd year
At the end of the course, students will be capable of explaining the modern concept of quantized atom-photon interactions and will be able to identify the goals and main results of key experiments in quantum optics. They will be able to compare various methods of light detection and to solve problems on photon statistics and the quantization of the light field. Furthermore, they will be able to summarize the most important themes and open questions in the research field.

1. Atom-photon interactions and quantization of the light field
2. Photon detection and photon statistics
3. Experiments with single atoms
4. Cavity quantum electrodynamics
5. Squeezed light and photon frequency conversion
6. Applications in quantum information processing

Written exam at the end of the term.

Additional oral exams.

Scripts available on OLAT.

Start: 10/3/2016, 10:30-12:00, SR 2/36, Technikerstr. 25, VFH-Haus

Do 10:30-12:00, SR 2/36