718848 Biological Pest Control

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Biological Pest Control
UE 3

Assessment of methods and techniques for the production of entomopathogenic fungi used as antagonists to control invertebrate pests

Standard methods and techniques coming from the application area insect pathology as well as fungal fermentation will be applied to establish an effective biological plant protection agent used for the control of an indigenous soil dwelling pest.

Standard protocols will be used to assess the quality, saftey, and practicability of fungal products, which are requested by legislator directives or which have been stablieshed by our research- and development network team: strain characterisation, two step fermentation, active ingedient formulation, quality-/contamination ontrol, virulence check/bioassay with statistic analysis incuded.

Field trial study activities are scheduled depending on planting season.

Written examination and protocol

Scripts and literature will be forwarded at the beginning of semester

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