800930 Qualitative Research, Textanalysis and Evaluation of Interviews by GABEK®

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Qualitative Research, Textanalysis and Evaluation of Interviews by GABEK®
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The participants should be able to use GABEK as a qualitative method of research in University projects as well as for pragmatic problem solving.

The procedure GABEK® (Ganzheitliche Bewältigung von Komplexität – Holistic Coping with Complexity) is a software supported method of knowledge organization. On the base of open interviews or other verbal data individual opinions and attitudes are networked. Concepts – occurring within the texts – are the nodes and sentences the edges of a linguistic net. This represents the knowledge of a selected group or of an organization and can be used to support decision processes.


It is shown in the seminar how the experiential knowledge of many individuals can be represented by semantic nets. A method of complexity reduction is proposed. GABEK-nets of high complexity are used to detect innovative ideas while nets of low complexity provide overviews on the field of opinions. GABEK-nets are applied for concept analysis and for the reconstruction of conceptual ontologies.

GABEK was used in projects for innovation research, evaluation, oganization development, development of mission statements, marketing research, conflict resolution, regional development, knowledge transfer, etc.

Participants receive for installation the software WinRelan, 22 video tutorials for recapitulation of the lessons presented in the seminar and an evaluated GABEK-project which allows to work with verbal data in every stage of the analysis. The following topics are discussed:

Project design, gathering data by open interviews, transcription, fundamental coding, constructing conceptual nets and ontologies, coding of evaluations, the procedure in the feebackworkshop for the selection of core variables, causal coding, gestalt-building, the implementation workshop for the selection of measures, transfer of results, editing the project report.

Continual collaboration

A  short idea about GABEK you find in the 2 minutes-Video: www.GABEK.com/clip


1) Zelger, J.: „GABEK in zwölf Schritten“ (unter www.GABEK.com Downloads)

2) Zelger,J.: „ Kollegiale Organisationsentwicklung mit GABEK“, Kapitel 1 (unter www.GABEK.com Downloads)

3) Zelger, J.: „Qualitative Research by the ‚GABEK®’ Method“, in Fikfak, J. Adam, F., Garz, D. (ed.): Qualitative Research. Different Perspectives – Emerging Trends. Lubljana: Zalozba Z R C, 2004, S 231-264. (Unter www.GABEK.com  Downloads)


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