825012 Urban Development

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Urban Development
UE 2

Obtain compositoric knowledge about urban development with regards to typological, morphological and mereological urban methodologies on global and local level. Understand urban scales, structure of settlements, planning and representation methods.


This exercise teaches compositoric skills of city architecture, a basic knowledge about urban terminology, urban structure and urban form, history of cities and city visions.

The exercise calls for a precise work and a willingness to fine detail by the students. Active participation in the weekly workshops at the Institute is essential to discuss occurring during the work process issues with the course instructor, as well as with colleagues can. As output are plans on how to customize and data sheets for the examined cities.

Continuous assessment, based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants.



Joseph Stübben. Der Städtebau. Wiesbaden. Vieweg & Sohn. 1980, 1890.

Christ, Gartenbein. Typologie – Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Bueno Aires. Zürich. Park Books. 2012.

Christ, Gartenbein. Typologie – Paris, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Athens, Zürich. Park Books. 2015

Alex Lehnerer. Grand Urban Rules. Rotterdam. Nai010 publishers. 2009.

Daniel Köhler. The Mereological City. Bielefeld. Transcript. 2016.


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08.03.16, Introduction, Task 1, Select

15.03.16, Task 2, Represent

05.04.16, Task 3, Sort           

12.04.16, Task 3, Sort           

19.04.16, Task 4, Compare   

26.04.16, Task 4, Compare

03.05.16, Task 5, Compose  

10.05.16, Task 6, Conclude  

17.05.16,Task 7, Configure  

24.05.16, Task 7, Configure

31.05.16, Task 7, Configure

07.06.16, Task 7, Configure

14.07.16, Task 7, Configure

21.06.16, Final presentation, documentation

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09:00 Dienstag, Gruppe 0 - Institut für Sätdtebau
13:00 Dienstag, Gruppe 1 - Institut für Sätdtebau