104500 DNA, Chromatin, Chromosomes

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DNA, Chromatin, Chromosomes
VO 1
To learn the basics of the chromatin structure and to understand the implication of different chromatin modifying factors for the regulation of chromatin structure and function.
1. structure and contents of the nucleus 2. molecular components of chromatin 3. the hierarchy of the chromatin structure 4. viral and bacterial genomes 5. DNA-replication 6. Chromatin-Assembly 7. dynamic chromatin
computer aided
Molekularbiologie der Zelle (Alberts et al.; Wiley); Molekulare Genetik (Knippers; Thieme); Molekularbiologie der Gene (Lewin; Spektrum); Epigenetics and Chromatin (P. Janteur; Progress in Molecular and Cellular Biology; Springer) und aktuelle Publikationen in den Zeitschriften: Nature, Science, PLOS Biology, Molecular Cell, Genes & Development, Genetics, PNAS, Cell, EMBO Journal, Molecular and Cellular Biology u.a.
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09.01.-13.01.17 von 16-17 Uhr und 16.01.-20.01.17 von 17-18 Uhr, CCB, Biozentrum, M.01.470
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Fri 2017-01-27
09.00 - 10.00 M.01.470 M.01.470