104557 Function of Molecular Machines

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Function of Molecular Machines
UE 3

To design experimental approaches to address the function of molecular machines in vivo and in vitro.


Based on available structural information we will test the function of molecular machines in vivo and in vitro: We will display crystal structure and design site specific amino-acid changes; introduce these mutations using ‘inverse PCR’ and sub-cloning; functional assay in vivo using complementation analysis; Subcellular fractionation and Western-blot analysis; live cell fluorescence microscopy; recombinant gene-expression of a molecular machine in E.coli, affinity purification and in vitro assays to demonstrate the activity of the purified machine. 

Practical Lab-course

written. Lab protocol

Manuscript with experimental methods

To successfully master the module you are required to participate in the VO, SE and UE

A preliminary meeting for all optional modules of the master study in molecular biology will be held on October 3, 2016 at 3 pm in lecture hall D at the Technik campus. It is obligatory to attend all three parts (lecture, seminar, course) to pass the module.

CW 3-5 /17 Exact date and location will be announced in time.

09.01.-20.01.17 von 9-18 Uhr, CCB Biozentrum, Innrain 80-82, 1. OG, Raum M.01.300/330