434950 VU Advanced Conducting Experiments with z-Tree

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VU Advanced Conducting Experiments with z-Tree
VU 1

The course teaches basic and advanced skills in using the programming language z-Tree. After the course, students are able to plan and implement the creation of an experimental software as well as to conduct experiments with it.

  1. Introduction to Experimentation with z-Tree
  2. Public Goods Game Tutorial
  3. Basics of z-Tree Programming
  4. Screen Layout and Items
  5. Tables and Scope
  6. Matching Schemes
  7. Box Types
  8. Subject Progression
  9. Import and Export
  10. Questionnaires
  11. Managing z-Tree Output
  12. Troubleshooting – and Ensuring You Don’t Need to
  13. Good Practice and Advice
  14. Graphics Teaser

The course consists of part lecture and part hands-on exercises. After a topic has been presented by the lecturer, students work alone or in small groups to apply their new skills to practice example under the supervision of the lecturer.

Continuous participation in class

  • Fischbacher, U., z-Tree Tutorial, http://www.iew.uzh.ch/ztree/ztree21tutorial.pdf, 3rd of January, 2002. (Tutorial)
  • Fischbacher, U., z-Tree – Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments - Experimenter’s Manual, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich, Working Paper No. 21, ISSN 1424-0459, 1999. (Manual)
  • Fischbacher, U., z-Tree Reference Manual, http://www.iew.uzh.ch/ztree/ztree21ref.pdf, 6th of January, 2006. (Reference Manual)

Both master and PhD students planning to conduct experimental research are welcome to join the course.

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Group 0
Date Time Location
Wed 2016-11-30
12.00 - 18.45 ZID Sowi AR 4 ZID Sowi AR 4
Thu 2016-12-01
09.00 - 15.45 ZID Sowi AR 4 ZID Sowi AR 4