608216 Novellas of German Realism (Keller, Stifter, Storm)

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Novellas of German Realism (Keller, Stifter, Storm)
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Students are able to name interrelations of literary and cultural history with the example of representative authors, works and genres. They are able to describe the processes of canonisation. They can outline the interactions developments in society, literature and cultural history (e.g. gender-specific developments) and are able to independently analyse and interpret literary texts based on scientific standards.

While most authors representative of German Realism wrote novellas, especially the works of Gottfried Keller, Adalbert Stifter and Theodor Storm are commonly praised as outstanding and innovative examples of the genre. We will examine the basic assumptions underlying this evaluation and discuss the process of canonisation and periodisation, especially with regard to the ways in which literary history establishes a connection between literature and major social, political and cultural developments such as the process of industrialization or the revolutions of 1848.

Following an introduction to the genre and its era in the first week of the term, we will discuss literary texts like Die schwarze Spinne, Immensee, Im Sonnenschein, Späte Rosen, Granit, Bergkristall, Die drei gerechten Kammmacher, Kleider machen Leute, Die mißbrauchten Liebesbriefe in the context of two two-day seminars. Students will be expected to read these texts at home. Classroom discussion will be guided by a student presentation (Referat) focusing on exemplary passages from each novella. We will especially concentrate on gender construction and the cyclicity of the genre.

Introduction given by the instructor, student presentations, plenary discussion

Course participation (knowledge of texts, contributions to discussions), oral presentation, final paper (15 pages)


Primary texts:

Jeremias Gotthelf: Die schwarze Spinne. Stuttgart: Reclam (various editions)

Gottfried Keller: Die Leute von Seldwyla. Stuttgart: Reclam (various editions)

Adalbert Stifter: Bunte Steine. Stuttgart: Reclam (various editions)

Theodor Storm: Immensee und andere Novellen. Stuttgart: Reclam (various editions)


Secondary texts:

Hugo Aust: Literatur des Realismus. Stuttgart: Metzler (various editions)

Bernd Balzer: Einführung in die Literatur des Bürgerlichen Realismus. Darmstadt: WBG 2006

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