641205 Inter-/ Transcultural Analysis. A study trip to places of the Roma.

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Inter-/ Transcultural Analysis. A study trip to places of the Roma.
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Participants of the study-trip will obtain knowledge of concepts regarding intercultural and transcultural research by analyzing questions of representation, hybridity and cultural memory as well as in the field of Romani Studies (cultures and literature of Roma and Sinti).

The learning experience will be on a theoretical as well as on a practical level (study-trip to Vienna, Eisenstadt and Oberwart).

During our study-trip in October 2016 we will visit the association Romano Centro in Vienna, the exhibition „Romane Thane / places of the Roma“ in Eisenstadt as well as Oberwart. The civil rights movement of Roma started here at the end oft he 1980’s. At the same time it’s the place of the bombing attack in February 1995, where four Roma were killed. We will analyze the following topics: self attribution and attribution by others, cultural memory, the possibilities of a museum as a place of representation of minorities using the example „Romane Thana“. This exhibition had nearly 23.000 visitors when it was shown in the „Wien-Museum“.

We will meet Romani activists and artists in Vienna, Eisenstadt and Oberwart.

Study trip: visit of an exhibition, visits of intercultural and transcultural facilities, lectures, discussion, presentation, group work.

oral and written

Horvath, Stefan: Ich war nicht in Auschwitz. Erzählungen. Oberwart 2003. 


Horvath, Stefan: Katzenstreu. Erzählung. Oberwart 2007.


Horvath, Stefan: Atsinganos. Die Oberwarter Roma und ihre Siedlungen. Oberwart 2013.


Romane Thana. Orte der Roma und Sinti. Katalog zur Ausstellung. Hg. von Andrea Härle, Cornelia Kogoj, Werner Michael Schwarz, Michael Weese und Susanne Winkler. Wien 2015.


Schneller, Erich / Klinger, Annemarie (Hg.): Das Attentat von Oberwart – Terror, Schock und Wendepunkt. Oberwart 2015.


Thurner, Erika / Hussl, Elisabeth / Eder-Jordan, Beate (Hg.): Roma und Travellers. Identitäten im Wandel. Mit einem Vorwort von Karl-Markus Gauß. Innsbruck 2015. (Open Access:







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17.-21.10.2016, An der Exkursion ist verpflichtend teilzunehmen!
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