641224 Dissemination of Literature: Introduction to the Publishing Business

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Dissemination of Literature: Introduction to the Publishing Business
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“Warum so verlegen” [Why publish like that?/Why so embarrassed?], this question posed by German publisher Klaus Wagenbach is at the center of attention of this seminar. The course introduces to the publishing industry in the German speaking countries, focusing mainly, but by no means exclusively, on the special conditions of scholarly publishing. It instructs in fundamental knowledge and basic skills of all parts of the publishing business from the acquisition of texts to the distribution of the final product.

The courses teaches mainly basic techniques of publishing texts (copy-editing) but also deals with aspects of books design and typography as well as commercial processes. Additionally, there will be space to reflect upon the aesthetics and meaning of the industries most prominent product: the book.

The historical development, technical prerequisites, and basic principles of the scholarly publishing business will be presented by the lecturer as well as discussed in the course. Excercises serve to learn and train basic technique and procedures that are commonly expected in the industry.

To complete the course the students have to take part in group discussions and complete exercises. Also, sample work from the exercises has to be handed in after the end of the seminar.

1.    Lucius, Wulf D. von: Verlagswirtschaft. Ökonomische, rechtliche und organisatorische Grundlagen. 3. Aufl. Konstanz: UTB 2013.

Willberg, Hans Peter/Forssmann, Friedrich: Erste Hilfe in Typographie. Ratgeber für Gestaltung mit Schrift. Mainz: Hermann Schmidt 1999.

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