706923 Spezialvorlesung 2 (AT): Veränderliche Sterne / Variable Stars

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Spezialvorlesung 2 (AT): Veränderliche Sterne / Variable Stars
VO 2
every 2nd year

The students should understand the contents of the lecture (i.e., the principles of asteroseismology and the method of frequency analysis) and be able to apply their newly gained knowledge to real scientific data that will be made available.

Asteroseismology, the analysis of stellar oscillations, is the only method that allows us to investigate the inner structures of stars. Stars in different evolutionary stages show a variety of oscillations that can be analyzed with data from space and from ground. In this lecture I will introduce the principles and methods of asteroseismology. It will be possible to apply the newly gained knowledge to latest scientific data.

Presentation, direct application of the methods to real scientific data

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"


not applicable


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