720102 Psychopathology II

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Psychopathology II
VO 2

After the course participants should have acquired a profound knowledge of psychological disorders.

In this course (Psychopathology I and II) a number of fundamental aspects of psychological disorders will be covered. General definitions of illness and their relevance for psychopathology will be discussed. The Psychopathological Status is the basis for the assessment of psychological alterations and the description of psychiatric disorders and will be presented in detail. Further, the genetic background and epidemiological data of psychiatric illness are important for the understanding of the occurrence and presentation of disorders. Special chapters include affective disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis, organic syndromes, dementia, substance abuse and dependence, neuroses and personality disorders. Suicidality as the most important potentially lethal phenomenon within psychiatry will be given broad interest. Occasional case presentations should facilitate the understanding of psychological morbidity. The aim of the lecture is to provide the basis for a comprehensive biological/psychological-psychodynamic/psychosocial view of psychiatric disorders.

Lecture, case presentations, discussions

Written examination at the end of part II

(für weitergehend Interessierte): Fleischhacker, Hinterhuber: Lehrbuch Psychiatrie. Springer

Dienstag, 9.00-10.30 Uhr, HS der Psychiatrie