720110 Research Seminar I (A)

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Research Seminar I (A)
SE 2

Participants are able to systematically apply scientific methods to a psychological question. To this end, they have successfully completed a research project. Starting with a range of predetermined topics, they have developed a research question, based on independent and systematic study of the literature; In this context, they have specified appropriate hypotheses and have designed a suitable study to test them. Further, they have carried out the study and have evaluated the outcomes of their research. Results and implications are documented in the Bachelor’s thesis.

Participants conduct research on contemporary issues of applied psychological research. This includes choosing an appropriate topic, working out a precise research question, and elaborating  on a suitable study design. Subsequently (in the consecutive course), the participants will carry out and evaluate their study, document their research activities, and present their results. During all phases of the research process, the lecturer is available to provide individual advice, feedback and support. The fixed weekly classes may be suspended during the semester in favor of more flexible and individual supervision. Participants are expected to collaborate in a constant and self-responsible manner. In the course of the Research Seminar I, an emphasis is put on literature study, finding a research question, and planning the study.

Oral presentations by the lecturer, quantitative and qualitative research methods, writing assignments, discussions and oral presentations by the participants, group and/or individual meetings

Examinations using continuous assessment based on regular written and/or oral contributions from the participants

shall be specified during the course

Mittwochs, 13.45 - 15.15 Uhr, Raumnr. 422, Kelingruppenraum, Maximilianstr. 2, Bauteil C, 4. Stock