720112 Research Seminar I (C)

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Research Seminar I (C)
SE 2

At the end of the two-semester course, students will be able to complete (that is, plan, conduct, analyze, and put into scientific writing) their own empirical research project from a previously set topic from social psychology. In order to reach this goal, students will be continuously advised in regular discussion rounds, present their results to the class, and experience individual feedback by the instructor.

Students complete an empirical research project in the field of social psychology which will be put into scientific writing (Bachelor Thesis). The whole process will be supervised by the instructor.

Presentation by the lecturer, discussions in class, presentations by the students, writing assignments (e.g., initial submissions; Bachelor Thesis), individual meetings/ feedback.

immanenter Prüfungscharakter (active participation in class, presentations, writing assignments)

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Freitags, 12.00 - 13.30 Uhr, Raum 422, Maximilianstr. 2, Bauteil C, 4. Stock