720272 Specific disorders: Eating disorders in children and adolescence

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Specific disorders: Eating disorders in children and adolescence
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The aim of this seminar is to collect studies on the maladaptive eating behaviour, etiological aspects and intervention in children and adolescents with eating disorders. Furthermore, we will discuss the assessment and application of attachment issues for the treatment of eating disorders in that age group.

Although eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa can affect females and males of all age groups, the average age of onset is during adolescence. It seems as if adolescents are the most at-risk group of people to develop an eating disorder. The period of adolescence can be characterised by intense change on the physical, social and psychological level. This can cause a great deal of stress, confusion, anxiety and the adolescents might feel a tremendous pressure to create their own identity, define their goals for the future and adjust to their maturing bodies. When it comes to attachment, one of the key developmental goals in adolescence is to achieve independence from attachment figures and at the same time still need their emotional availability. Therefore, it can be argued that symptoms might be one manifestation of the disruption of the attachment processes during that sensitive period. However, empirical studies exploring the connection between attachment and eating disorders and implications for treatment in this age group have only recently begun.

To pass this seminar a presentation, participation in discussions on clincal case examples and a seminar paper is required

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