740923 Pharmaceutical core subjects II

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Pharmaceutical core subjects II
SE 1
The students learn about general cell culture techniques, the difference between primary cell culture and cell lines as well as the advantages and pitfall of using cell culture in drug testing. In the second part of the course the students will get an introduction in fluorescence calcium imaging techniques and there use in drug testing. Students acquire knowledge about basic in vitro/ex vivo methods in order to investigate the suitability of a dosage form as a pharmaceutical. Based on the LADME-Modell it will be pointed out how pharmaceutical technology can influence the effectivity of drugs.
  • LADME-Modell
  • Release studies
  • Absorption studies
  • Cytotoxicity studies/cell viability studies
  • Cell culture techniques
  • Gene expression and knock down
  • Calcium imaging, caffeine dose-response
Seminar (computer-assested visual presentation, online Handouts)
  • Avdeef A, Absorption and Drug Development (2003), Wiley
  • Europäisches Arzneibuch

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