822274 Theory of Monument Preservation

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Theory of Monument Preservation
SE 2

Students will be after them, concepts, methods and structural issues were brought examples suggest guided to use case studies to methodological approach, through which the technical and artistic consciousness of reality is to be linked with responsibility for the existing buildings. The architectural conservation is present in teaching and research as a part of the creative and thus only partially quantifiable process, architects and other professions dealing with it is applied and for which they are trained. Not least the ability to critique and self-criticism to be formed.

Is the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at all times? In addition to the design of new buildings, the preservation, restoration and remodeling of old buildings for centuries formed a natural part of the profession of architect. The historic architectural heritage comes as a "guarantor of cultural, over the life span of individuals beyond continuity '(EF Székely) special meaning in the sense of sustainable / sustainable development, which in the presence of the life opportunities of future generations secure by conservation of resources, including the cultural heritage matters.

Through an interactive teaching method by analysis of possible process in important ways from existing buildings and actual interventions, students will be confronted with the wingspan of tasks, which are to deal with measures for the care, preservation, protection and planning of interventions in historic buildings. Historically, in this context means buildings of all periods up to the present time.

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