846685 Fundamentals of Business Administration

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Fundamentals of Business Administration
VO 2
-To acquire the fundamentals with specific reference to the practice requirements of management
-Introduction in to macroeconomics
-To acquire fundamentals of understanding economic processes and economic politics
-According to § 9 (4) Z2 Ziviltechnikergesetz 1993 (BGBI. I nr. 136/2001) this exam exonerates candidates from the exam in “Austrian administrative law” in the Austrian licensing examination for architects and engineers.
Introduction in to business management: corporation including legal basis and human resources department, business financing (financing and investment), marketing, administration and costing department (accountancy, annual balance sheet, cost accounting, key data) and fundamental in law of taxiation.
Introduction in to economics including microeconomics (single markets) and macroeconomics (whole market)

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Fri 2016-10-07
14.00 - 15.00 Seminarraum 219 Seminarraum 219 Barrier-free Einführungsveranstaltung und Bekanntgabe der Blocktermine