847100 Orientation

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SL 5

Knowledge of the basic architectural materials, means and methods.

The content of the tutorial will be to discover the own immediate space - the physical as well as the imaginary - as a source for something new. By analyzing the existing, looking at it from different angles, breaking it up and reassembling it, we will produce varied new spaces and make yet not noticeable visible.

We will get to know different techniques and methods, from the model to the drawing to the diagram, whereat each will have its own qualities and reveal something different. 

Together we will learn to inspire ourselves and to start a process of creation by being precise in our ideas and our representations.


Lecture, assessment is based on a single examination at the end of the course.

delivery and exhibition

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

not applicable
Mi, 09.00-11.00, SR 1/Studio 1
Einführung Fr, 14.10.2016, 10.00, SR 1/Studio 1