146601 A Survey of German Literature

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A Survey of German Literature
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Students gain a general understanding of linguistic and literary periods, the different literary genre, and concepts such as themes and motifs.

This course will concentrate on German literature of the 19th and 20th centuries, in keeping with the official UNO catalog description. However, in order to encourage a better understanding of the literature produced in the last two centuries, and to provide a general survey of German literature in a truer sense, students will be introduced to the history of German language and literature from its beginnings. A varied selection of works and authors connected with different periods up to about 1970 will be read and/or discussed. Since this course is being conducted in Innsbruck, Austria, Austrian poets and writers will be included. Conducted in whole or in part in German, the class sessions will also provide students the opportunity for grammar review and practice in spoken German. Required readings are provided and are to be prepared in advance for each class discussion. The reading material will be used to enhance the linguistic elements of our work, as well as to encourage an overall appreciation for the historical, geographic and cultural aspects of studying a language and its literature.

Readings in German and active discussions in a mix of German and English, depending upon student abilities.

Final grade will be determined according to the combined scores of preparation, class participation and written final exam in roughly equal percentages.

To be discussed in the first session.

This course is open to University of Innsbruck students.
Registration til 14.03.2017. Personal contact required:
Dr. Margaret Davidson: margaret.davidson@uibk.ac.at

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First information meeting: March 7th 2017; 15:30 , Geiwi-Turm, SR 40437