305355 Introduction to the Spanish Law

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Introduction to the Spanish Law
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The course “Introduction to the Spanish Law” expects to provide an overview about the Spanish legal system and its most important concepts and specific terminology. It aims, at the same time, that the students learn the most important terms and expressions of the Spanish legal language, with the goal of providing tools for reading legal texts, like laws, sentences or essays.

The subject is suitable for students who intend to complete their studies in Spain as part of the Erasmus program, those that wish to specialize in the field of Spanish law, or for students of Romance studies.

Various aspects of Spanish law are taken into account: the sources of law, the most important institutions of public law: the Spanish Constitution of 1978 (historical development, structure, division of powers, state’s structure and territorial authorities: Estado, Comunidades Autónomas and Entes Locales), administration and administrative acts; introduction to the organization of Spanish judicature and to the Spanish procedural law and approach to other law branches.


The course is held in Spanish (and partly in German). Spanish basic knowledge is desirable. Both theoretical and practical contents will be developed by solving practical cases and written and oral exercises, in particular by reading and translating different legal texts.




The evaluation is carried out in the form of a written examination at the end of the course with theoretical and practical questions. A regular assistance and active participation in the exercises during the course is taken into account.

In this course we will not follow any specific manual. The following works are recommended for reading and consultation:

-MERCHÁN ÁLVAREZ, A.,  Las épocas del Derecho Español, ed. Tiran lo Blanch, Valencia 2000.

-LATORRE A., Introducción al Derecho, ed. Ariel, Barcelona 2014.

-MORODO R., La Transición Política, ed. Tecnos. Madrid 2004.

-GARCÍA DE ENTERRÍA E.-FERNÁNDEZ RODRÍGUEZ T.R., Curso de Derecho Administrativo, I y II, ed. Thomson-Aranzadi, Cizur Menor, última edición.

-PARADA VÁZQUEZ R., Derecho Administrativo I, Parte General y II, Organización y empleo público, ed. Marcial Pons, Madrid, última edición.

-COSCULLUELA MONTANER L., Manual de Derecho administrativo, Tomo I, ed. Thomson-Aranzadi, Cizur Menor, última edición.

-GARCÍA RUBIO Mª P., Introducción al derecho civil, colección Manuales Básicos, Cálamo producciones editoriales, 2002.

-VV. AA. (coord. CAPILLA RONCERO F.), Elementos de Derecho Civil (relaciones laborales), ed. Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, última edición.

-GIMENO SENDRA V., Introducción al Derecho procesal, Colex, Madrid, última edición.

-JOSÉ GARBERÍ LLOBREGAT, Introducción al nuevo proceso civil, Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia ,última edición.

-NIETO A., La nueva organización del desgobierno, ed. Ariel, Barcelona 1998.

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