310312 General Public International Law - Advanced Course

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General Public International Law - Advanced Course
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This interdisciplinary course provides students with in-depth insights into the legal foundations of world politics and international relations. Participants shall be introduced to the interactions and interrelations between sovereign States, and to the interactions between States and various other actors on the international plain. Said actors include, for example, both International Governmental (IGOS) and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOS).

In the wake of expanding globalisation, International Governmental Organizations (IGOS) and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOS) have increasingly become pivotal players in Public International Law and World Politics, influencing and penetrating the legal orders of their member states, and thus producing a multi-layered and complex relationship between different legal orders. This course will cover different methodological aspects of world politics and international relations, both areas of social science, as well as areas of public international law, a normative science. The taught theory will be contextualized by actual examples and cases, demonstrating how the spheres of either set of science intertwine in the scope of influence of International Organizations (IO).

By applying a “policy-oriented” approach to public international law the lecturer introduces individual cases and discusses these step-by-step with the participants, providing the participants with the necessary instruments for understanding the complexity of public international law without syncretising tools and objectives.

In order to obtain a certificate, candidates have to pass an oral exam on the topics discussed and analysed during the course.

Andersen/Woyke (eds.), Handwörterbuch Internationaler Organisationen (last edition); Woyke (ed.), Handwörterbuch Internationale Politik (last edition).

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Thu 2017-03-09
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Thu 2017-03-09
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Mon 2017-03-27
11.00 - 12.30 Hörsaal F Hörsaal F 1. Klausur
Thu 2017-04-06
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