408022 PS Applied Methods of Social Sciences

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PS Applied Methods of Social Sciences
PS 2
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Students acquire the ability to deal with fundamentals of empirical studies. They understand

to allocate the most important qualitative and quantitative survey methods to the respective

scientific-theoretical and methodological background and chose the necessary methods for

each research question.

They are able to deal with current empirical studies and to apply the first steps of a research

process (formulation of a research issue, data collection, method reflection) autonomously in

terms of quality and/or quantity or method.

On the basis of theoretical inputs we will execute three different case studies. For these case studies there will be a description of relevant situations and starting-points with regard to the methodological operationalization. We intent to exercise different methods and best practices (quantitative and qualitative).

 Quantitative and qualitative methods

Theoretical input and presentation; development of a questionnaire; qualification of applied methods; analysis of collected data

Schnell, Rainer/Hill, Paul B./Esser, Elke: Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung, München/Wien 2008 (8. Auflage)

No prerequisites

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Date Time Location
Fri 2017-03-17
11.00 - 12.45 SR 4 (Sowi) SR 4 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Fri 2017-03-31
08.00 - 16.00 SR 6 (Sowi) SR 6 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Sat 2017-04-01
08.30 - 14.00 SR 6 (Sowi) SR 6 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Fri 2017-05-12
08.00 - 16.45 SR 8 (Sowi) SR 8 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Sat 2017-05-13
08.30 - 14.00 SR 5 (Sowi) SR 5 (Sowi) Barrier-free