432176 VO Economic and Social History

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VO Economic and Social History
VO 2

Knowledge: students acquire resp. deepen economic and social historical basic and advanced knowledge, especially in the context of globalization, development and gender
Comprehension: students acquire resp. deepen their comprehension of the relevance of historical cases for recent challenges and the importance of historically shaped trends and structures for future developments as well as for intersectional and interdisciplinary connections, especially in the context of globalization
Critique: students acquire resp. deepen the ability to critical discussion of theoretical concepts, empirical realities and communicated contents

Generally, the course is about economic, social, political and technological aspects of globalization and development with special emphasis on the gender perspective and marginalization patterns. Besides that, we will proceed chronologically:

1) Introductory remarks on globalization and development
2) Long-run history of globalization and development (prior to 1500)
3) Early modern globalization and development (1500-1800)
4) 19th century globalization (1815-1914) and global well-being
5) Crisis of globalization (1914-45) and global well-being
6) The golden age of globalization (1945-80) and global well-being
7) Unchaining neo-liberal globalization (1980-today) and global well-being
8) Conclusions about globalization, development and inequality in historical perspective

Lecture und discussion (including the possibility of presentations)

written exam (VO-Prüfung)

Background literature:

- Bordo, M.D., et al. (eds.): Globalization in historical perspective. Chicago/IL: University of Chicago Press, 2003.
- Held, D.,et al. (eds.): The global transformations reader: An introduction to the globalization debate. Cambridge/UK: Polity Press, 2007 (2nd edition)
- O'Rourke, K.H., Williamson, J.G.: Globalization and history: The evolution of a nineteenth-century Atlantic economy. Cambridge/MA: MIT Press, 1999.
- Osterhammel, J., Petersson, N.P.: Geschichte der Globalisierung: Dimensionen, Prozesse, Epochen. München: Beck, 2003 (also available in English translation as: Globalization: A short history, 2005).
- van Zanden, J.L., et al. (eds): How Was Life? Global Well-Being Since 1820. Paris: OECD, 2014.

Additional further readings to be announced during the lecture.

Because of its interdisciplinary character, VO participation is principally possible without any pre-requisites. Thus, there are no formal entry restriction for master students, which may also participate already in their first semester.

not applicable

IMPORTANT: In this semester, the VU3 for C 066 975 will be carried out at the same time and place as the VO2 for C 066 907. Participation in the VO2 is freely possible for all interested, but successfull participation is dependent on the applicability in the respective programme. Further, prior online-registration and COMPULSORY attendance in the first session at March 6 (resp. apology by e-mail in advance)is also a necessary prerequisite for successful participation.

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