433540 AG Team Development

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AG Team Development
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Together strong as a team: There is no way around teamwork - not as an employee in an organization, nor as a student. Nearly in each job description you can find the desire for teamwork and team leadership. However, we are very rarely discussing about the need of teamwork and what it means to us ... what is team work and how can we improve our ability to work in and with teams? How can I learn to understand team dynamics and how can I lead teams successfully to their goals?

Strengthening of the awareness of one's own team ability. Students learn about different ways of collaboration and team leadership. The students get an insight about the following topics:

- Stages of a team

- Tasks and roles

- Composition of a team.

- Conflicts in teams

- Communication and feedback culture

- Analysis of their personality style in the teamwork.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

Cannot be accepted as a free elective course!

Please note: A deposit of EUR 20,00 will be collected in the secretariat before the first day of the course starts. Your registration is only valid once the sum has been paid. After the last day of the course this deposit will be returned in the secretariat.

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Fri 2017-05-19
10.00 - 18.45 SR 13 (Sowi) SR 13 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Sat 2017-05-20
10.00 - 15.45 SR 13 (Sowi) SR 13 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Fri 2017-06-02
10.00 - 18.00 SR 18 (Sowi) SR 18 (Sowi) Barrier-free