627650 VU Didactic Basics for Teaching Chemistry

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VU Didactic Basics for Teaching Chemistry
VU 2

Module-graduates have acquired basic knowledge about basic didactic topics. They are aware of basic objectives and contents of teaching Chemistry, and are able to combine theoretical didactic concepts with scholar aspects.

·         Educational standards, competence-models and curricula for the subject Chemistry.

·         Objectives and contents of Chemistry training.

·         The subject Chemistry in different types of schools with respect to gender aspects, students’ heterogeneity and diversity as well as possibilities for differentiation.

·         History of Chemistry and of chemical education and “Nature of Science” in Chemistry.

·         Teaching and learning materials for the transfer in knowledge of Chemistry-specific teaching content.

·         Frontal lectures

·         Teamwork

·         Student presentations

·         Group discussions

·         Regular, active participation

·         short presentations

·         45 -minute written exam (graded)

·         Anton Michael A.: Kompendium Chemiedidaktik, Klinkhardt-Verlag, Bad Heilbrunn 2008

·         Barke Hans-Dieter: Chemiedidaktik Diagnose und Korrektur von Schülervorstellungen, Springer Verlag 2006

·         Pfeifer P., Lutz B., Bader H.: Konkrete Chemiedidaktik, Oldenburg Verlag 2002

·         Ziener Gerhard: Bildungsstandards in der Praxis, Klett Verlag 2008

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