645204 EX Austrian History

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EX Austrian History
EX 2
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Acquisition of skills in scientific research methods (concerning scientific literature as well as primary sources); awareness of methodological approaches; training for participation in ongoing scientific discourse and in didactically suitable forms of presenting results of research, consolidation of historical knowledge about the mentioned period of time and its specific problems.

For several years empires have again become a topic in historical science. During the Proseminar we first deal with the various perspectives of this research, afterwards we will discuss where the position of the Habsburg Monarchy could be within this field. Therefore we have to analyze how this monarchy developed, a process which has to be connected with the weakening of another empire and the imperial intentions of other European states. Topics will be how this empire was organized from a "Monarchie von Ständestaaten" towards a centralized state as well as the forthcoming of nationalisms and also the particular constellations of foreign policy.

brief introduction to the subject; reading and analyzing scientific essays and historical sources together in class; working in groups.


The students are expected to be present regularly and to take an active part in the course; they have to do smaller tasks alone or in groups; oral presentations of their own topic, including an handout; moderation of discussion; paper (15 pp.).

 basic literature will be announced in the course; research of further specific literature is part of the students´ tasks.

Due to substantial differences in the allocation of ECTS-Credits in various curricula (teacher training programs/specialized degree programs), the requirements for this course vary. Information will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course.