645307 PS Economic and Social History

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PS Economic and Social History
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Introduction to specialist literature; conveyance of basic knowledge of scientific work; critical dealing with sources and secondary literature on economic and social history; exemplary treatment of topics / research questions in oral/written, partly case-based form.

The inter-war period has been described as the "age of minorities" by Eastern-European historian Hans Lemberg. Indeed "national minorities" first emerged as a political and legal category during the political transformation of Europe after the First World War. Initially, the scope of this category only extended to the nation states that emerged in the territories of the defeated powers. The League of Nations, founded in 1920, worked to guarantee the protection of minority rights, among its other goals. To this end, it institutionalised an arbitration procedure that could be invoked by minorities in member states in the event of conflict. The question of minorities was of concern not only to the League of Nations officials but increasingly to the European public. This proseminar focuses on the historical conditions which led to the introduction of this category. In addition, it will examine the interests and organisation of national minorities, as well as how they were treated. The proseminar will also address different concepts of the nation.

Topic-oriented course including lectures, discussion of literature (in German and English), presentations, group work and practical exercises. Development of paper writing skills.

Course with continuous performance assessment: regular and active participation in discussions, readings and short assignments, oral presentation and handout, written paper, feedback.

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Due to substantial differences in the allocation of ECTS-Credits in various curricula (teacher training programs/specialized degree programs), the requirements for this course vary. Information will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course.

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