714017 Analytical methods (Infrared spectroscopy)

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Analytical methods (Infrared spectroscopy)
VU 1

students understand the principles of vibrational spectroscopy and are able to perform IR spectroscopic measurements and interprete IR spectra

theoretical background of vibrational spectroscopy and practical work with the IR-spectrometer

the theoretical background is introduced by lectures and the theory is illustrated by practical exercises with the IR spectrometer. Students perform measurements of selected samples under supervision and interprete the results.

written examination

Amthauer, G., Pavicevic, M.K. (2001): Physikalisch-chemische Untersuchungsmethoden in den Geowissenschaften (Band 2), Schweizerbart, Stuttgart

Beran, A., Libowitzky, E. (2004): Spectroscopic Methods in Mineralogy, EMU Notes in Mineralogy, (Band 6), Eötvös University Press, Budapest

Griffiths, P.R, de Haseth, J.A. (2007): Fourier transform infrared spectrometry. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey

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Fr 10:15 - 11:45, SRO117