715431 Geoscientific Field Trip (GEO3)

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Geoscientific Field Trip (GEO3)
EU 3
The field excursion should provide an overview on the geology of the Eastren Alps
The four day field excursion (Krainer) includes outcrops in the Tauern Window (Pennininc unit) along the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße (Wustkogelserie, Seidlwinkltrias, Obere Schieferhülle), and in the Maltatal (Zentralgneis, contact to rocks of the Altes Dach). In the Nockberge outcrops of the Altkristallin, Melitzenscholle, Karlwandschuppe, Pfannockschuppe und Gurktaler Decke will be visited, followed by outcrops of Permotraissic rocks of the Drauzug and Late Paleozoic sedimentary rocks of the Carnic Alps in the Nassfeld area. In the second part a cross-section through the Alps along the meridian of Innsbruck will be discussed. During the field exursion outcrops of the western part of the Tauern Window and of the Nordkette will be visited. At the end we will ask which rocks are lying below Innsbruck.
During the field excursion some of the geologic units discussed in the lecture will be visited in the field
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Sardinien 28.08.-12.09.2017, Inst