716409 Geoinformatics: Web mapping

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Geoinformatics: Web mapping
VU 3

Students learn how to use open GIS and Web standards to produce web based maps

This lecture takes a hands-on approach to teach modern web mapping techniques. Open GIS and web standards are used to produce appealing web based topographic and thematic maps.

Computer-based practical work, self-dependent excercises, presentation of an own project

written mid-term exam and oral presentation of an own project at the end of the lecture

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Mittwoch 15:30 - 18:45 (08.03, 15.03, 22.03, 29.03, 05.04, 26.04, 03.05, 10.05, 17.05, 24.05, 14.06), EDV-Raum, Institut für Geographie