740004 Introduction to Mathematic and statistics

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Introduction to Mathematic and statistics
VO 1
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Students learn how to collect, depict and interpret scientific data. They know the fundamental terms of biostatistics, can apply selected statistical tests, and perform regression analyses.

  • design and evaluation of experiments
  • statistical metrics
  • descriptive statistics
  • inferential statistics
  • regression analysis

Lecture (Power Point presentation) with exercises, online handouts.

Written exam (using the learned knowledge by performing calculations based on real-life examples)


  • Wätzig, Mehnert,, Bühler (2009): Mathematik und Statistik kompakt. Grundlagen und Anwendungen in Pharmazie und Medizin, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Stuttgart
  • OLAT, online Handouts

Subject to alteration.

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