800915 Crisis management at work

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Crisis management at work
SE 2

This course is intended to enable you to offer affected coworkers suitable support immediately after emergencies (acute phase). You will have knowledge of options for psychological emergency intervention and the work methodology of crisis intervention. You will - despite the intense crisis situation at the workplace - be able to make the right decisions. In crisis situations, the timeline is also of utmost importance; this means that you need to be aware how people should cope after 1 - 2 months. You will identify individual coping strategies and know how to support them in a positive manner.

The demands placed on businesses are becoming more and more complex and often depart from the actual business purpose entirely. Safety measures are prescribed and regulated by the law, however, psychosocial support for employees isn’t. In this course, individual and group interventions in mental crises will be discussed based on scientific theories (combined with many practical examples). A work accident leading to death, suicide of a coworker, plant calamities and natural disasters and many other events can push individual employees but also entire teams/departments into mental crises. This can suspend the daily routine at work and have a wide range of consequences for people and business operations. How can you positively support coworkers in the coping process and foster coordinated group-dynamic processes in order to facilitate a speedy return to the workplace?

Seminar with discussion and group presentation/work, continuous performance assessment
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