822232 Existing Building Structures

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Existing Building Structures
SE 2
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Mediation of insights about the relationship of historic building stock, new uses and engineering operations. What strategies are available to deal with the architectural heritage (preservation, rehabilitation, addition, change of use, part conservation, restoration, reconstruction, demolition, new construction)? What is the attitude taken in relation to a construction project in the portfolio?

Analysis criteria and evaluation of historical buildings; relation of existing buildings, refit and new construction, analysis of characteristic solutions development of alternative solutions

The discussion of the existing buildings and the historical context solved in the past, violent disagreement, and continues today with undiminished intensity. By an argument preceded the analytical study of the historic building, as well as with its redeployment, the own attitude to emerge on the project!

immanent - Abstract as argument (opponents and supporters of the conversion / change of use or role-play: Investor, preservationists and architect) - visualization of both the opposite opinions, as well as one's own attitude (about 3 A4 pages) - 3 team

Friedrich Kurrent, New construction in the old environment, Munich 1978 - John Cramer + Stefan Breitling, Architecture in Existing Fabric, Basel 2007 see handset in the BFB!

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