847205 Design Studio 4 - Project (Bachelor's Thesis I)

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Design Studio 4 - Project (Bachelor's Thesis I)
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Development of project while training and confirming analytical design and creative skills, learning presentation and documentation skills as part of a Bachelor thesis.

Gruppe Plank/Zisch:


The assignment for this year is the design of a machine church. The aim is to communicate faith in technology through the design of a building. The building will enchant, delight, elevate, captivate its users, however never try to indoctrinate or postulate a specific dogma. This building is not a museum, nor is it a scientific laboratory.

Term one will start with a design exercise. Ignoring (for the time being) any type of analysis, you will intuitively design a first prototype, which you will then reiteratively develop and improve.

In term two you will the engage with the topic in an analytical manner and test and investigate your designwork. You will then apply this analysis to your design and thus arrive at a final building design.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

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No registration needed. Registrations will be taken from the WS 13/14.

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Beginn: Aushang Institut, studio 2