847219 Structural Design Projects

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Structural Design Projects
VU 2

Deepening the skill in structural design including constructive and static aspects and the interdependency between form and structure, construction and composition. Ability for methodical development, technical design and project presentation

Structural design and technical composition of constructions in combination with architectural requirements and the technical elaboration of a project concept.

Pragmatic and methodical approach of structural design based on user related and architectural conditions. Optimization by comparing and evaluating different solutions by economic and technical criterion.  Application of knowledge and methodic approaches transmitted in the basic courses of structure design.

By evaluation oft he the project folder in combination of the final oral presentation.  


TWL Scrip, Curt Siegel - Form und Struktur, Holzbauatlas, Betonbauatlas, Stahlbauatlas und Dachatlas.

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This course is coupled with the associated Design 3 (847215), registration is not necessary, because you are assigned as a participant in the LV Design 3 of this course.

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