645108 Historical Excursion: Courts of the Po-valley (Ferrara-Mantova-Bologna-Venice)

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Historical Excursion: Courts of the Po-valley (Ferrara-Mantova-Bologna-Venice)
EX 2
each semester

Critical engagement with historical sites, objects and forms of (re-)presentation in memory cultures; skills for explaining historical phenomena in situ

In the eastern Po valley there was/is a concentration of cities and Renaissance courts. They were famous and europeanwide known, often taken stopovers during travels to Italy and often imitated. We will learn more about both the Italian courts of Early Modern Times and different aspects of princely presence and representation using the examples of Ferrara, Mantua, Bologna and Venice.

Guided tours in the field; presentations by the course instructors and by the students

Participation in the excursion and presentation with handout


The excursion will last four or five days in february 2018 (probably after february, 15th).
 The attendance of the corresponding course "EX-Agenda" is obligatory.

Online registration necessary.

to be announced
Dienstag, 20.2.2018-Samstag, 24.2.2018, Italien