825011 VO Urban Development

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VO Urban Development
VO 2

Acquisition of basic competences in the subject area of urban development with reference to the methodological, philosophical, sociological and artistic urban development plans on a global and local level; an understanding of urban building measures, structures and forms of representation.

The lecture provides a fundamental base of knowledge about city terms, urban structure and urban form, urban history and urban visions, urban models, the global development of cities and artificial worlds, urban ecology, urban tourism and sociological aspects of cities.

Lecture, assessment is based on a single examination at the end of the course.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"

Mumford, Lewis, The Culture of Cities, New York (Harcourt Brace and Company) 1938

Mumford, Lewis, Die Stadt. Geschichte und Ausblick (band 1, band 2), München (dtv) 1979

Benevolo, Leonardo, Die Geschichte der Stadt, Frankfurt (Campus Verlag) 1983

Tafuri, Manfredo, Dal Co, Francesco, Architektur der Gegewart, Stuttgart (Belser Verlag) 1977

Frampton, Kenneth, Die Architektur der Moderne. Eine kritische Baugeschichte, Stuttgart (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt) 2001

Kostof, Spiro, The city shaped. Urban patterns and meanings through history, London (Thames and Hudson) 1991

Kostof, Spiro, The city assembled. The elements of urban form through history, Boston (Brown Little) 1992

Hobsbawm, John Ernest, Das Zeitalter der Extreme. Weltgeschichte de 20. Jahrhunderts, München (Carl Hanser Verlag) 1995


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