103221 Qualitative Methods of Educational Science

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Qualitative Methods of Educational Science
SE 2
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Students are familiar with psychoanalytical based qualitative research designs in education science and have the relevant basic methodological knowledge. They are able to determine their research interests to a chosen topic and carrying out a research project. They are able to reflect their own subjectivity and using it as fundamental creative source for explanatory and interpretative theories. They know challenges and limitations of the selected qualitative approaches. 

The course provides basic skills of qualitative data gathering, data-preparation and data-analysis in educational science. The focus is thereby put on psychoanalytical methods (in-depth hermeneutic, -ethno psychoanalysis, auto ethnography), working with subjectivity as effective instrument for knowledge production (counter-transference, scenic understanding) with the coal to discover unconscious, latent dimensions. Students are guided with relevant examples through their own selected research process, working out a small research project by their own (in small groups), presenting and discussing it in a final plenary session.

Workshop: media and text analysis, research-based group work with creative tools + blended learning tasks

Written: Own research project as seminar paper (group work)

Oral: presenation and discussion (group work)

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more will be delivered during the lecture, adjusted to the chosen research topics.

Sucessfully completed compulsory moduls 1- 4

not applicable


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