146602 GER 3002 German Phonetics/History of the German Language

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GER 3002 German Phonetics/History of the German Language
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Students gain an appreciation for the development of the Germanic languages, including English, as a sub-branch of the Indo-European language family group; specific insights into the historical development of a standard written German language as we know it today; and extensive practice in German pronunciation.

This course is conducted as historical linguistics with the subtitle:
HISTORY OF THE GERMAN LANGUAGE.  Unless all students taking this course have sufficient proficiency in German, class sessions will be conducted in English with German examples and practice in spoken German, with particular attention to idioms and useful phrases. This course may be taken for linguistics or elective credit by non-German majors.

Lecture, readings, discussion, pronunciation practice.

Attendance at all sessions, with advanced preparation
Active participation in discussions and in pronunciation practice
Satisfactory completion of study sheets
Written midterm and final exams

Waterman, John T.  A History of the German Language.  Waveland Press; Revised edition (March 1991).   ISBN 0881335908

Miscellaneous handouts.

This course is open to University of Innsbruck students on a limited basis.
Personal contact required: Dr. Margaret Davidson:

First information meeting: March 8th 2018; 10:00 am, Geiwi-Turm, ZI 40437