146692 Geology of the Tirolean Alps

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Geology of the Tirolean Alps
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Students become familiar with basic concepts of physical and historical geology applicable to alpine terrain and acquire hands-on experience with the most important aspects and characteristic of alpine geology in the province of Tirol, Austria.

All-day field excursions to Steinplatte, to Obergurgl (Ötztal Alps), and to Kaunertal(Ötztal Alps) end of June or beginning of July are required, dates to be announced.

1. Introduction
2. Significance of Earth Sciences for Society
3. Minerals and rocks
4. Composition and Structure of the Earth
5. Magmatism and magmatic rocks
6. Metamorphism und metamorphic rocks
7. Sedimentary rocks
8. Structural geology
9. Earthquakes
10. Plate tectonics
11. Geology of the Tyrolean Alps
12. Weathering and erosion in the Alps
13. Glaciers and landscape
14. Alpine Permafrost

Field course Steinplatte: Sedimentary rocks of the Late Triassic (coral reef, fore-reef, intraplatform basin) and Jurassic period (pelagic nodular and cherty limestones, slump structures), alpine tectonics (faulting, folding) and karst.

Field course Obergurgl:Metamorphic rocks of the Ötztal-Stubai Metamorphic Complex (mica-schists, paragneisses, orthogneisses, amphibolites) and Schneeberg Complex (mineral-rich schists, marble), Quaternary geology (glacial deposits, glacial erosion), hydrology in high-alpine regions.

Field course Kaunertal: Metamorphic rocks of the Ötztal-Stubai Metamorphic Complex, Glaciers, landscapes formed by glaciers, Alpine Permafrost (rock glaciers), hydrology.

No more than one absence is allowed without penalty. Required readings and course materials will be discussed in the first class session and provided on OLAT or as readings to purchase.

There is a final written exam and a final written report on each of the three field courses (minimum 2 pages for each field day). The semester grade will be calculated by 40% final exam, 40% field papers, plus a 20% class participation element.

This course is open to University of Innsbruck students on a limited basis.
Personal contact required: Dr. Margaret Davidson:

Specified Fridays, 9:00-11:30 (exact dates to be announced)

Bruno-Sander-Haus, Geologiesammlung

First information session on Friday, 9th March 2018, 9:00 am
Innrain 52, Bruno-Sander-Haus, Geologiesammlung

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