418130 Interdisciplinary Competencies: "Hacking and Making - New Concepts of Media Education and Media Competence"

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Interdisciplinary Competencies: "Hacking and Making - New Concepts of Media Education and Media Competence"
VU 2

This module aims at expanding the study programme and at acquiring additional qualifications in the field of interdisciplinary media and communication research.

Students are able to distinguish between different innovative approaches in media education und media literacy and to relate them to applied cases and phenomena.

The reception and production of media is changing fast, traditional media education categories like audio, video and multimedia/internet, like still practiced in media education institutions, do not work anymore. This challenges media education in terms of new forms of hacking, making and coding and their specific modes of representation.

Buzzwords like BigData, algorithmisation, digitalisation or digital education are shaping current discourses, and are changing approaches to media education and media literacy.

This module sheds an overview on current developments and technologies, and on their specific ethics and conducts.

Based on this students will work o new practical approaches for fostering media literacy. Current phenomena of applied digitalisation will be uncovered and analysed critically. Additionally students have the opportunity to develop and to reflect their own concepts of fostering media literacy in small groups.

lecture / presentation; participation in discussions, analysis, development and reflection of  own concepts


Written work in groups: e.g. written concept (applicable scenario); written analysis of projects, phenomena or processes, etc. 

Will be introduced in the first lesson and via LMS (http://moodle.vobs.at/mp/) 

The requirements specified by the respective curricula must be met.

Students are encouraged - in advance of the module - to actively observe their own media activities, to develop their own interests in specific phenomena of digitalisation in the broadest sense and to actively contribute them in the module.


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