609620 Listening/Speaking II F

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Listening/Speaking II F
UE 2
each semester

to activate listening and speaking skills from B2+ - C1 levels, to promote receptive listening skills with particular emphasis on understanding inference and point of view,

To promote productive oral skills building on Module 1 levels with emphasis on both descriptive and discussion-specific tasks with an eye on pronunciation, stress, intonation, grammar, fluency and communicative interaction on more sophisticated topics,

Audio materials: CDs, DVDs, videos etc., more sophisticated CEFR topics, e.g. culture, media, technology etc.           

Final exam consisting of both listening and speaking examinations. Assessed coursework consisting of 2 dialogue transcriptions and a pair presentation.

None set

BA Teacher Training Programme: positive completion of compulsory module 5

not applicable

BA "old" (2009): UE 2: Listening/Speaking II

No equivalent in Teacher Training Programme "old" (2001)