609628 Reading/Writing II G

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Reading/Writing II G
UE 2
each semester

To further an interest in reading a variety of text types while perfecting reading techniques > skimming, scanning, speed reading, and to further promote the conventions of effective writing focussing on language, content and structure

A variety of more sophisticated texts on current topics. Proceeding from paragraph to full texts, letter writing: diverse types incl. formal, informal, letters of complaint, offer etc. Summary skills

Critical appraisal of various text types highlighting inference, and point of view. Critical in-class analysis of student-written letters and summaries

Regular written assignments, summary as mid-term. Final written exam.

Longman Academic Writing 3. Alice Oshima & Ann Hogue. Pearson. 2014. (ISBN 978-0-13-291566-3)

Longman Academic Writing 4. Alice Oshima & Ann Hogue. Pearson. 2017. (ISBN 978-0-13-466331-9)



Teacher Training Programme BA 2015: positive completion of compulsory module 5

not applicable

BA "old" (2009): UE 2: Reading/Writing II

No equivalent in Teacher Training Programme "old" (2001)