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-          Self-conscious acting with regards to sexuality and gender related topics in daily school life

-          Sensitize to different levels of sexual identity and their possible influence on interpersonal dynamics

-          Recognise personal/professional possibilities and limitations as well as the tasks of other institutions and professionals (confidence in doing so)

-          Communication competence

-          Acquire a repertoire of creative work methods and materials for your respective teaching subjects

What role do gender and sexuality play within the school system? Why can it be more profitable and relieving to deal with these questions in a multifaceted way? What possibilities exist to pick up these (taboo)topics in class (methods/interventions/material....)?


-          Where do we (un-)consciously meet the topics gender and sexuality in daily school life?

-          To develop methods to teach and to professionaly react to „problematic“ situations

-          To develop an unbiased, professional attitude towards diversity (based on school administrative requirements, sexual and reproductive rights, etc.)

-          Basic knowledge on specific aspects oft the psycho-sexual development of children and adolescents

-          To deal with a variety of didactic materials and possibilities

The course framework is based on a combination of professional input, practical examples, self-reflection, testing of and learning about the use of pedagogical methods and materials, as well as group discussions.


The basic requirements of this free subject include taking a respectful approach to he subject whilst preserving individual and personal boundaries.

Presentation and preperation/design of a teaching unit; written reflection about the course.

Martin, Beate/Nitschke, Jörg (2017): Sexuelle Bildung in der Schule. Themenorientierte Einführung und Methoden. Kohlhammer.

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