626818 Vernetzung und Arbeit in multiprofessionellen Teams

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Vernetzung und Arbeit in multiprofessionellen Teams
PS 2

The students acquired an overview of the support system outside of the school system. Based on empirical insights concerning the issues of interdisciplinary networking, cooperation and activity in multi-professional teams, they are able to interact in these teams, shape and arrange relevant team processes and solve conflicts.  

        Goals, content and arrangement of interdisciplinary cooperation and networking based on empirical insights 

        Tasks, frame conditions and principles of collaboration in multi-professional teams in the context of inclusive education

        Methods of team building and the arrangement of team processes

        Create a team culture that is goal- and expertise oriented

        Cooperation with pedagogical advisory centers, school counselors, school psychologists and also relevant partners outside the school system  for example psychosocial services and rehabilitation providers 

Lecture, discussions during the seminar, group work

The contribution of the students during the seminar:

The students prepare a short introduction of an institution or a specific offer and present it to the group.

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