628028 Islamic Art and Cultural History

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Islamic Art and Cultural History
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The handling of objects of art and archaeological artifacts from the Islamic world, with regard to content and methodology, poses distinct requirements. Over the course of this seminar, in addition to an outline of the domain of Islamic art history (geographical, chronological and in relation to the different minor arts) essential research questions, as well as methodologies of the field will be discussed. On the basis of important architectural monuments, as well as objects from the minor arts, the working techniques of the field will be demonstrated and practiced by the participants.

Based on a chronological outline of diverse types of Islamic art and architecture in different areas under Muslim rule from the 7th century to the present the seminar will provide an introduction to the basics for the study of Islamic art history. It aims at familiarizing students to the minor arts and the architecture of the Islamic world, with different stylistic periods, main research questions and basic terminology of this vast field of research. In addition students will be introduced to the methodological approaches of Islamic art history and will apply these independently in the seminar.


Active participation in class and reading the given texts


Active participation in class and reading the given texts


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