628029 History of Islam

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History of Islam
VO 2

Knowledge of major Issues of historical science in application to the history of Islam as well as knowledge about the course of events up to the 12/18. Century

Sense and Nonsense of this dicsipline

Islamic Calendar / Datin / Periodization

World-System Theory

Muslim historiography

Umayyads / Civil Wars

Abbasid Revolution / Heyday of Baghdad / The Mihna / Fragmantation of the Empire

Mongol Invasions / Fall of Bagdad / Declinetheories / Cursades

Muslims in Andalusia / Muslim Travellers (eg. Ibn Battuta)

Mamluks / Ibn Ḫaldūn: Biography and Theory

Ottomans/ Safawids/ Moguldynastya 

Revivalist Movements in different Periods         

lecture (with practical tasks in between) 

Written examination

Bacem Dziri: Die Geschichte des Islams eine islamische Geschichte? Eine Einführung in Sinn und Unsinn einer Disziplin (im Erscheinen)

Tarif Khalidi: Arabic Historical Thought in the Classical Period, Cambridge 1994

Chase F. Robinson: Islamic Historiography, Cambridge 2003

R. Stephen Humphreys: Islamic History. A Framework for Inquiry, Princeton 1991

 Gudrun Krämer: Geschichte des Islam, München 2005

 Albert Hourani: Die Geschichte der arabischen Völker, Frankfurt 2006  




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