704039 SV Optics in Biophysics

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SV Optics in Biophysics
SV 2

Graduates should acquire further knowledge in addition to the contents of the compulsory modules (2) and the elective modules (3) out of the fields of Mathematics or Computer Science or further knowledge in one or more fields of Physics.

Graduates should enroll in lecture courses of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics marked by „WP“ (Wahlmodul Physik = elective module in Physics) corresponding to a workload of 15 ECTS-AP. Alternatively, they may enroll in modules of the Master Programmes in Mathematics or Computer Science, which are not part of the Master Programme in Physics.

Regular lecture supported by overhead sheets.

Oral examination (appointment is necessary)


Start: will be announced

to be announced
Fr 14.00-15.30, SR 0/403